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Go to

In the upper right hand side, it should say "Register."
Go to the website and register.....

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Q: How do you make an account on Minecraft?
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Does anybody have a Minecraft account i can use?

Anyone can make a Minecraft account at

How much does it cost to make a minecraft account?

It is free to make an account on the Minecraft website, but you have to pay to play the game.

When you make an account on minecraftnet can you also use it on minecraft launcher?

If you own Minecraft on that account then YES!

Can you make a minecraft pe account?


How do you download Minecraft with USD?

You need to make an account and then pay for Minecraft and download it.

How do make an account in your Minecraft app?

you can't. you make it on

Does anyone have a minecraft account that you can use?

Anyone can make an account at the website.

What is the password for free minecraft?

you have to make your own account.

How do you get a Minecraft Hunger Games account?

You don't have to make an account to play the hunger games on minecraft all you have to do is find the right server that provides minecraft hunger games and there are plenty of those

Where to buy Minecraft for PC?

You can buy minecraft at First you need to make an account, then you need to buy a premium for that account. Then download minecraft, and login. Now you're ready to play.

Can you really get a free Minecraft account?

It's free to make an account. You pay when you download the game.

How do you make my minecraft account able to go online?

All minecraft accounts are able to go online. If you have a cracked account then you can't without hamachi (and you fail).