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Well just make a game and but either tribute to (User) tribute for (user) or (users) tribute

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Q: How do you make a tribute on sploder?
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How do you make a level 10 game on sploder?

you can't make a tenth level on sploder.

What is sploder about?

Sploder is a game creating website where you can make and play games for free online.

How do you make and crete on sploder?

To make or create a game on Sploder, all you need to do is navigate to the Sploder website and choose the option to create a game. You can start by choosing one of five templates, then follow the on-screen prompts to add more options.

How many users are there on sploder?

There are 1,598,713 users on sploder. Sploder is a website you can go to in order to make games and share them with friends. The site is free to register on and you do not need to enter any personal information.

Is there a game that you can make a game that is not sploder?

not that isnt spyware that i know of sorry Sploder has been updated alot sence last year

How do you make levels in sploder games?

To make a level for a gam

How do you make a game 3d on sploder?

Sorry you cant... but you can do 2d!

How do you make awards on sploder when it says you can't make anymore awards today?

You can't.

What what do you do in sploder?

In Sploder You Make Games(four diffrent game creators), You Be Friends With People And Also You Chat with People/Talk To Them. There is also a new creator there that is Sploder Physics Game Creator. You can even join the community and make a discussions / posts. Lastly you can make awards to peoples if your lvl 10 up. You can Make your own Group/Clan of friends if your lvl 20. You can add music to your games. you can add diffrnt backgrounds. create your own game map and Storyline. Hope you have fun When you join sploder. P.S look sploder up on wikipedia or on = *SEARCH*

Who made sploder?

Geoff Gaudrealt was the man who created Sploder.

How do you be awesome in sploder?

Be friends with peoples and always play sploder

What do the doors in sploder do?

The doors in sploder, if of course your talking about the web page "sploder" let you go into a place but dont let you come out.