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One way to make a trash can is to combine the Fire and Question Mark essences in the Synth-O-Tron, but there are lots of other options if you want a different type of trash can! :)

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Q: How do you make a trash can in MySims Kingdom?
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When was MySims Kingdom created?

MySims Kingdom was created on 2008-10-28.

Where to get trashcan in mysims kingdom?

There are lots of different trash cans that you can have, so it depends which one you want to get. One way to get a trash can is to combine the Fire and Question Mark essences in the Synth-O-Tron.

Where do you find chocolate in mysims kingdom?

You can find chocolate in MySims Kingdom by digging in Cutetopia.

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If you go on Youtube, there are plenty of Walkthroughs for MySims Kingdom DS, and other games.

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MySims Kingdom - 2008 VG is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

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plz help me answer my question and tell me where i can get a black bass in mysims Kingdom ds!! :(

What essences do you combine to make a totem pole in the game Mysims kingdom?

The ? and the light blue circle.