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Q: How do you make a second place on roblox?
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Do you need Builders Club to make a second place on Roblox?

yes you do.

How do you make your place able to be searched on roblox?

By default when you make a place it is searchable on Roblox. However, if you have multiple places that are inactive, or you accidentally set your place to inactive, it will not be searchable. To fix this go to "My Roblox"/places, and click "make this place active" on your place.

How 2 make a place inactive on roblox?

you go to my roblox, places, then scroll to which place you want to make inactive, and click " make inactive"

How do you make a roblox?

U make a roblox with cheeze

How To Make More Places Without BC In Roblox?

1. Go To Roblox 2. Go To Your Places 3. Make All Your Places Inactive 4. Click "Create Place" And Voila, You Have A Second Place. WARNING: Both Places Won,t Be Active!!!!

How do you change your game's name on roblox?

First make sure you are logged in and click My Roblox. Second click "places" on the top toolbar. Click edit on the place you want the change the name of. From there you will be able to change the name and description of your place.

How do you place model in place for the new roblox for 2011?

Go to menu then look for "Roblox Studio". Click roblox studio then find the toolbox. Click that and you can make and insert models into your place.

How do you get a popular place on ROBLOX?

To get a popular place on Roblox you should ask your friends to go, make fake accounts and make them go to your real Roblox's place, or save up money, make a GOOD ad (I suggest using and mastering Paint.NET to make your ads), and put it up.

How do you get a Roblox Studio-made game on Roblox?

Go to all Programs,roblox,roblox studio,Clio new at the top of the page and make the place

How do you make a new place on roblox?

You need BC

How do you make your place famous on roblox?

you need to make it have 1000 visits

How do you make your place smaller on roblox?

You can make your place smaller by building it smaller. There's not much to it.