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* Use air (such as blowing across the disk) or a very soft brush to remove any specks from your disk before you polish it. * Get a soft, lint-free polishing cloth, such as one you would clean eyeglasses with, and wet it. In a pinch, you can use a wet piece of toilet paper. (Make sure that it is soft and not the slightly abrasive ultra-cheap stuff.) * Use your wet piece of cloth or toilet paper to clean the shiny side of the disk (Not the side with the name and picture). * Dry the whole diskoff using a dry polishing cloth, or dry piece of toilet paper. * Put it in your Wii, and it should work. If not, try cleaning it again, to a maximum of 5 times * Use soap/ windex and a slightly wet paper towel to wipe off your disk from the middle towards the outside, not in a circular motion this messes up the coding in the disk and may permanently scratch it! * Use Toothpaste and rub from center out all the way around(only use paste not gel). * Use a car polish get a dry cloth and add a small amount of car polish such as T-cut and rub in circular motion for 15-20 minuts then wipe dry. JUNE

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Q: How do you make a scratched video game wii disk work?
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How do you make a scratched video game disk work?

You replace it with one that is not scratched because most other methods do not work

How do you fix gta sa no disk inserted problem?

Clean the disk of any dirt or smudges, make sure its not scratched.

How do you fix a game disc when it falls out the game slot while its playing?

Hmm. If it make like a scatching noice it means its been scratched bad. Then you should go to a certain store that can clean your disk

How do yyou make the Wii game smackdown vs raw 2010 work when it was updating the disk and while it was doing that you tured the power off?

if the game is scratched, just try to clean it and the game might restore the data again

Why does the family feud disk need to be in to play the game?

Most video games have a similar feature in order to make sure that people aren't just sharing games instead of buying them. By requiring the game disk to be in the computer's drive, they are trying to make sure you bought the game, and that you still have it and haven't given it away to someone else.

Wii error has occurred please eject the disc how do you fix this?

take the disk out and make sure it is clean and not too badly scratched

What to install to make your own ps2 video game?

how to make aplaystoin video game

How hard is it to make a video game?


How do you clean a scratched Xbox 360 game?

My friend actually used a disc cleaner that I bought at a Block buster on his Halo disk that was completely un-usable and it worked perfectly after using it. Just make sure you follow instuctions

Playstation3 will not read disk when inserted?

Make sure that this game is a ps3 game and also check the disk for any scratches.

How do you make a scratched game work on an old game system?

i always wash mine then dry it so it works but

What do you do if your ps3 wont read your game disc but your movie disc and is updated?

Make sure the Game disc is not scratched