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Either get a two tone grey chao and make him a shadow chao or a two tone blue or sky blue chao and make either of them a shadow chao or a two tone black chao.

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Q: How do you make a mephiles the dark chao?
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How do you get a super shadow chao?

No sorry but if you want to make one with out the highlights you can to do so you need a yellow,shiny yellow,or a shiny brown chao and make it a dark/run/run chao and BOOM you have a super shadow chao kinda so hope this helps

Why does mephiles have no mouth?

Mephiles has no mouth because when Eggman, Rouge and Shadow fought over the Scepter of Darkness. Mephiles was released and the first being he saw was Shadow, so he copied Shadow's shadow. Shadows don't have mouths, do they? Hence why Mephiles has no mouth. But, there is no explanation that I have for why Mephiles has no nose.

Sonic adventure 2 battle can you turn a hero chao into a dark chaos?

Yes. In the life when you plan to turn it into a chaos chao, get a character from the dark side and pet it until it becomes dark. Then give it one of every 21 animals. No chaos drives. When it evolves, it will be a devil chao.

How do you create chaos choa in sonic adventure 2 battle?

To make a Chaos Chao you have to reincarnate your Chao at least twice. After that, give it 1 of each out of all 21 animals (Note: Do not give them Chaos Drives!). Yes, you can feed your Chao too. If you want it to be an Angel Chaos Chao, raise it with any Hero character: Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. If you want it to be a Devil Chaos Chao, raise it with any Dark character: Shadow, Eggman, or Rouge. If you want it to be a Light Chao, raise it with a mixture between the Hero and Dark characters and keep it Neutral. When it evolves, it should be a Chaos Chao. Hope that helped! :]

Sonic boom cannon 2 all characters?

Sonic Knuckles Tails Cream Amy Shadow Rouge Tikal Big Chaos Zero Mighty Espio Charmy Vector Bark Bean Ray Sally Bunnie Sonia Manic Tiara Metal Sonic Metal Shadow Mecha Knucles Silver Sonic Mecha Tails Tails Doll Cream Doll Omega The Wechina Ashura Sonic Blaze Silver Mephiles Jet Wave Chip Sonic Werehog Nack Chao Dark Chaos Chao Chaos Chao Light Chaos Chao Super Sonic Super Shadow Dark Spine Sonic Burning Blaze Super Silver Hyper Tails Hyper Knuckles Hyper Sonic

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Is mephiles the dark a game for dsi?

no mephiles the dark doesen't even have a game,

Where can you buy a mephiles the dark toy?

you must make it yourself.

How can you get a shadow chao when your chao turns into a dark swimming chao?

It has to be a normal type dark chao or running type dark chao when it evolves make sure you never increase its stats except for in running or stamina.

Does mephiles the dark have a girlfriend?

no,mephiles is evil,the villains don't get the girls XD

What is mephiles the dark colors?

mephiles the darks colors are black and gray streaks on his arms,legs and hair

Can you make a hero sonic chao in sadx if so how?

You can only make hero and dark chao in SAB2. Also Sonic chao are neutral so if you give your chao a lot of run animals you will get a Sonic chao.

How many chao gardens are there on GC?

there three garden and you can only get 1 at first but if you make a hero chao and a dark chao you will get the other 2.

Who is shadow the hedgehogs anti form?

Mephiles the dark

Is mephiles the dark shadow the hedgehog?

Kinda, but not really.

How did Sonic die?

He was shot in the back by Mephiles the Dark, with a Dark Chaos Lance

How do you get a devil chaos chao on sonic dx?

make it chaos chao and give it a dark fruit......easy huh???^_^

Does a chao have to be neutral to become a chaos chao?

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!! A chao can be hero dark or neutral all you do is follow the same steps except to get a hero chao give it hero fruit and for a dark chao give it dark fruit