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A Master account is just a normal Playstation Account. The related link has a video

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Q: How do you make a master account for sign up in ps3 PlayStation store?
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How do you get PlayStation network for PlayStation vita?

You need to make a sub account (child) and a master account (parent or guardian )

How can you make another sub account on Playstation network?

First you must sign into the master account and it is part of the edits to the master account

How do you make a sub account on playstation network?

You use you PS3 online to create a master account or the related link will show where to download Media Go where you can create a PlayStation Network account and access the PlayStation Store from a computer. How do I create a new PlayStation®Network Master account? was added as a related link and includes a video tutorial describes how to create a new PlayStation Network Master Account. with the PS3 screen and inputs included in the video

How do you make a PSN account?

There is an option on the xmb menu, under the playstation network section, that says sign up :)

Does it cost anything to make a new account on PS3?

No it is a Playstation Network account and to make one on the PS3 you need to add a new PS3 user and then create a Playstation Network Master account

How do you switch your psn sub account to a master?

You can not make a sub account into a master account because it is already under a Playstation master account. If you create a new account under a different name you lose your trophies and game saves

What network to make a masters account?

You might mean the Playstation network. Master Accounts are the standard type of account used on the PlayStation Network. see related links

How do you make a master account for PSP?

video tutorial describes how to create a new PlayStation Network Master Account. it has been added under related link Sub Accounts will be created based on the age of the account holder. Users under 18 will automatically be creating a sub account. Sub Accounts must be created in association with a Master Account.

How do you purchase games from the PlayStation network store?

If you have an Online connection you must also have a credit card or a PlayStation network card to put money in you PlayStation Network account so you can make a purchase. Then you find the game you want and purchase it from the money in your account when you are logged into the PlayStation Store from your PS3

How do you get a playstation3 network account on a psp?

Either turn on a second controller or if you're signed into PlayStation Network, press start - Friends then either join or invite.

What info do you need to make a PlayStation account?

The related link has a video tutorial showing all the inputs required on the Playstation 3 screen and the other link identifies the difference between a master and sub account

How do you buy off the PlayStation store?

From your Playstation Network connection on a PS3 you only need money in your Playstation Wallet from a credit card matching your account or a Playstation Network Card to make a purchase and download it into your PS3 harddrive