How do you make a iron bar in Runescape?

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2010-01-30 20:37:35

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To make an iron bar on RuneScape you must first equip yourself with the necessary ore need to create it. The ore is iron.

To get these you can either mine it which will require level 15 in mining, or you can buy it off players, shops, or the easier way, off the Grand Exchange.

Next you must take your ore to a furnace and click the use button on any of your ores and then clicking again on the furnace. You should then select to make an iron bar.

With iron, there are two things that can happen. You can either successfully create a bar of iron, or the ore will be wasted and nothing will come of it. Therefore, when creating an iron bar, it is always a wise decision to bring more than one iron ore.

Hopefully, you have then created an iron bar!

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2010-01-30 20:37:35
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Q: How do you make a iron bar in Runescape?
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How do you make an iron bar i in runescape?

You use an iron ore on a furnace.

Where do you get a spit roast on runescape?

You make one using an Iron Bar on an anvil

How do you make an iron bar on RuneScape?

you go to a furnace and place iron ore in but you only have a 50% chance of it working

What raw materials are used to make iron in runescape?

In runescape: You mine 2 iron ores, take it any furnace and smelt it. you need a smithing lv of 15. and a 50% chance of making an iron bar.

What two ores make iron in runescape?

, I just wanted to tell you that you only need 1 iron ore to make a iron bar, if you are a member i suggest you wear a ring of forging which makes it a 100% chance to sussefully make a iron bar. Hope this helped, M3rch.

How much does iron bar cost RuneScape?

About 200 to 300 gp each.

How do you meke iron bars on runescape?

go mine iron ore, then go to a furnance and use iron ore on furnance, then you will get a iron bar.

How do you make spitroast on RuneScape?

You have to smith it with iron.

What ores do you need to make an iron bar in runescape?

Only iron ore. Higher-level bars (steel, mithril, etc.) require the ore of the same name, and some coal (the higher the level of the bar, the more coal you need).

Where can you buy an iron bar in runescape?

At the Grand Exchange. You can also do it yourself, by taking iron ores to a forge - or by using the Superheat speel on them.

How do you make an iron bar on minecraft?

you have to mine iron ore then put it in a furnace and you will get an iron bar called an iron ingot.

How do you make cannon balls in runescape?

this is a fairly easy question. make a steel bar ( smelt iron and 2 coal ) and use the steel bar on the furnace ( NOTE: remember to have an ammo mould ) and choose the amount of bars to make the cannon balls. each bar makes 4 cannon balls.

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