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After going through searching Google, the only way there is to make a folder (or at least to my, or other people's knowledge) is to go into code manager (the thing that is on the disk, included with the Action Replay DSI), then right clicking and choosing "add folder" or something along those lines.

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Q: How do you make a folder on an Action replay dsi?
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What will the action replay for the dsi be called?


How do you make the DSI Action Replay work on the Dsi?

you cant unless you hack the dsi

Does action replay work fo the dsi?

No, There is an Action Replay for DSi

What is the dsi version of a action replay called?


How do you make your action replay code work for Pokemon heartgold?

you put your game in the action replay then put it in your ds, dsi, or dsi XL

Does Action Replay for the DS work on the DSi?

Nintendo dsyes it does

Can you use a action replay on a Nintendo DSi?

You will need Action Replay DSi - the regular Action Replay device will not work.

When is Nintendo going to make an action replay for the dsi amd how much will it be?

A dsi action replay costs 2o dollars. You can find it at Wal mart

Do action replay work on dsi?

Yes, but there are two kinds of Action Replay. The one for the DSI is called: Action Replay dsi.(the one you want)The Action Replay for the DS is called: Action Replay ds (only works with DS)

Will action replay for dsi work for ds?

yes action replay dsi will work on ds and ds lite. however, action replay ds will not work on dsi. :-)

What is the difference between an action replay and action replay max?

The Action Replay is for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite, while the Action Replay Max (or, sometimes called the Action Replay DSi) is for the DSi only. The normal Action Replay will not work in the DSi, and vice versa. I hope I helped! ('u')

Can the action replay for the Nintendo ds work on the Nintendo dsi dsi?

If it says "Action Replay DS," it's for the DS and DS Lite. If it says "Action Replay DSi," it's for the DSi only.