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You can make flint and steel using 1 iron ingot and 1 piece of flint. Here is the crafting recipe for it:

F = Flint

I = Iron Ingot

N = Nothing



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Q: How do you make a flint and tinder tool on Minecraft?
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What tool or tools do the boys use to make fire in lord of the rings?

In "The Lord of the Rings," the hobbits use flint and steel to make fire. This traditional method involves striking a piece of flint against steel to create sparks that ignite dried tinder.

What is the name of stone that use to make fire?

Flint is a type of stone commonly used to create sparks for starting fires. When struck against steel, it produces a spark that can ignite tinder, making it a valuable tool for starting fires in survival situations.

How can you make a prehistoric tool?

To make a prehistoric tool, you can use flint or other hard stones to chisel and shape the tool into a desired form. Some common prehistoric tools include arrowheads, knives, and scraping tools. Techniques such as flaking and grinding can be used to create sharp edges for cutting and hunting.

What is a flint knife used for back in stone age days?

Flint was used in the stone age to make stone tools. They did this through a process called flint-knapping. depends what shape it was cut to. Spear, arow tip, mace, knife, tool, fire lighting tool, was and still (though rarely) used for building materials scrapers razers

What is a flint tool?

A flint tool is a prehistoric tool made by shaping flint or other types of stone into a sharp-edged implement, often used for cutting or scraping. Flint tools were commonly used by early humans for various tasks such as hunting, cooking, or crafting.

What is a flint-bladed sickle?

A flint-bladed sickle is a cutting tool used in prehistoric times for harvesting crops. The blade of the sickle is made of flint, a type of hard, sharp sedimentary rock, which provided the cutting edge needed for farming activities.

What is the name for a very small mesolithic flint which formed part of a composite tool?

These tiny flint tools are known as microliths.

How do you select a tool on your tool bar in minecraft?

the 1 - 9 keys

What is the best tool in minecraft?

The most useful tool would have to be diamond pickaxe.

What was the most used tool the tainos used?

Most likely a bow and arrow for hunting and a possible flint cutting tool.

Which was the first stone tool made by man?

projectile pointed chert and flint

What is the block limit in Minecraft?

In each section, 64. (Total), (Each) To make a tool when you press 'E', 4 (Total), (Each)