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you can't make a baby on sims 3 for the Nintendo ds because it is rated E so little kids can play as well. (i know its ridiculous) but since it's rated E, the most sexual content you will get is a kiss. but if you have it for the Nintendo 3DS then you can make your couple have a baby by getting the male and female both extremly irresistable and get them both to relax in bed, then cuddle, then try for baby. (it works like that in all consoles except the original Nintendo DS, just as long as your sims 3 game is rated T.)

Hope this helped and enjoy your game!!

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Q: How do you make a baby on The Sims 3 for Nintendo DS?
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Can you have a baby on My Sims ds?

Unfortunately , no you cannot have a baby on the Nintendo DS on the Sims 2 or my Sim's But you can on the PC.

Can you you have a baby on sims 3 for the Nintendo ds?


Can you have a baby on the Sims 2 Seasons for Nintendo DS?

No I don't think you can. Most of the time the sim games for Nintendo DS suck. You can't have a baby in them.

How do sims have a baby on The Sims 2 Nintendo ds?

Unfortunately, you cannot. You can only run a hotel and have the chance to have friendships with sims not marriages.

Is Sims 3 on the Nintendo DS?

Yes, it is a Nintendo DS game

Is there a Sims 3 for Nintendo DS?

The Sims 3 for DS has been released.

On the Sims Pets 2 for Nintendo DS can you make your pet have babies If so how?

You can't have babies in sims 2 pets DS. I hate it!

Can a sim have alien baby in pet stories?

No they cant, but in the Sims 2 PC and mac, Console, Nintendo DS, and in the Sims 3: Seasons

Can you have a baby on the sims 3 Nintendo DS?

Erm, no you cant have a baby. The other persons answer was complete and utter rubbish, Hope i helped :')

In Sims 2 for Nintendo DS can you make a house?

No. The main goal in Sims 2 for DS is to maintain a hotel, but you can add furniture to the hotel rooms.

Why cant you have a baby on sims 3 for Nintendo ds?

maybe because it wasent formated into the game. To be honest, the best is sims 3 on PC. You can do everything on it :)

When does the Sims 3 ds come out?

The sims 3 for Nintendo ds has come out already in America!