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get a dawn stone and use it on a male kirlia.

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Q: How do you make a Kirlia evolve into Gallade?
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What level does Kirlia evolve into Gallade in Pokemon pearl?

Use a Dawn Stone on a male Kirlia to make it evolve into a Gallade.

Stone to evolve kirlia into gallade?

You need a dawn stone to evolve kirlia into gallade

How come your male kirlia holding the dawn stone wont evolve to a gallade?

You must make sure that the male kirlia is not holding the dawn stone but use it on kirlia. Then the male kirlia will evolve into Gallade.

How do you make a gardevoir evolve into a gallade?

Gardevoir can't evolve into Gallade, but a male Kirlia can if you use a Dawn Stone on it.

What to do with dawn stone?

You can make a male Kirlia evolve into a Gallade.

What does kirla evolve into on Pokemon Pearl?

Well, first off, Congratulations for having a Kirlia in Pokemon Pearl! They are very rare! So.. you have a choice to make! Kirlia can evolve into either Gallade or Gardevoir. At level 30, Kirlia will evolve into a Gardevoir. (I would not recommend a male Kirlia to evolve into Gardevoir, because it looks more feminine) If you use a Dawn Stone, your Kirlia will evolve into Gallade. (I very strongly recommend using a dawn stone on your male Kirlia. Gallade's stats are better than Gardevoir's. Plus, Gallade looks more masculine. But, be aware that only a male Kirlia will evolve into a Gallade.)

How do ralts evolve to gallade on platinum?

You must first evolve Ralts into Kirlia and then you must use a Dawn Stone to make it evolve into Gallade.

How do you get gallade with hypnosis?

Level kirlia lv50 then evolve it into gallade

How do you evovle kirlia into gallade?

First u need to get a kirlia and when you have it use a dawn stone and it will evolve into Gallade.

Does ralts evolve with a dawn stone?

A Male Kirlia will evolve into a Gallade when exposed to a Dawn Stone.

How do you evolve kirlia into gallade?

get a boy kirlia and use a dawn stone on it.

How do you get a gallade in Pokemon games?

evolve it from kirlia