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you make it out of clay

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Q: How do you make Aztec game totoloque?
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When did Aztec - video game - happen?

Aztec - video game - happened in 1982.

When was Aztec - video game - created?

Aztec - video game - was created in 1982.

Where did the Aztec ball game originally came from?

where did the aztec ball game caome from

What are all the games that the Aztec would to play?

Playing PatolliThe Aztec ball game

What is an angry Aztec in Donkey Kong game?

all i know is angry Aztec is the name of a level in donkey kong 64

What did Aztec stonemasons make?

Aztec stonemasons made tools made of rock

What is tlachtil?

the aztec children ball game called tlachttil

How did the Aztec's make houses?

they didnt

What are all the ancient Aztec inventions?

They invented a game called The Volander, the flying bird game.

What did Aztec potters make?

Aztec potters would make large jars for storing water and pots for cooking and basic kitchen wear.

How did the Aztec make fire?

w did the aztecs make fire

How did they make the Aztec calendar?

To know the date