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Well you need to battle a lot. But I suggest deathmatch because it gives you bonus points at the end of each 5-10 minute tournament.

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Q: How do you lvl up fast on urban rivals?
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How do you lvl up fast on adventurequest?

Battle monsters

Where can you lvl up fast in World of Warcraft?


How do you get your lvl up your fast runescape?

by killing monsters

How do you lvl up to 100 fast on dofus?

Simply put, train!

How do you get lvl up fast in shell shock 2 live?


How do you lvl up on rakion fast?

hoe the **** should i know get a life looser

How do you lvl up fast in maplestory im a lvl 26 mage and bought a lot of nx i kpq but that takes to long?

do the new ageint quest

How to level up fast in Maplestory at different levels?

i recommend compleating all quests in tutorial first. then fight monsters in henseys. when about lvl20 go to either kerning or pieron to lvl 30 go for your training test, travel to ludus lake and lvl up. take on some bosses and you will lvl up fast. DONT FORGET TO HEAL CONSTANTLY OR YOU WILL DIE!!!!!

How do you lvl up fast on RuneScape?

You can level up fast by training a specific skill and focus on training that skill. Some people like to do mini games for the experience.

How do you lvl up fast in aqw?

In aqw go to pvp then go and defeat a brawler and you will get alot of exp

Is there anyway to level up fast on Digimon World 4?

You can go to the goblen base on the goblen pass and go to the gobgob room and guard room many times and you will lvl up really fast already 18 started goin there 2 days ago at lvl 6

How do you lvl up a latias fast?

Use the EXP Share and keep on doing the elite four. Also, try getting rare candies! Latias should be at a high lvl soon.