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u can login with ur email

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Q: How do you login to minecraft if your account has been migrated?
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How can you restart Minecraft?

You can uninstall the game by deleting .minecraft in the folder Roaming. You can also re install Minecraft. Before you login, hit options, then click Force Restart. Login and Minecraft will have been re installed.

What does Login Timeout in minecraft mean?

You have been AFK for too long.

How do you reactivate your account?

You can reactivate your account at any time by logging in with your login email address and password. If you're experiencing login problems.

How do you create an account on Bulbapedia?

At the moment it does not seem to be possible as the link "create new account" they tell you to follow has been removed on the login page. Contact the administrators. Thanks, but where do i contact them, it won't let me edit there unless i have a login and confirmed e-mail.....?

Why does my minecraft mutiplayer keep saying login timout?

Sometimes it is becouse you have been on to long with out moving. It could also be your computer haveing a hard time running minecraft. It could be the server you are playing on. Hope this helped.

How do you get a hacked minecraft account back?

It will be hard to get your Mindcraft account back if you have been hacked. It would be easier to just start over.

What address in bank sort code 09-01-36?

It's for a Santander account that has been migrated from Alliance & Leicester.

What does it mean if your account has been locked on Build-a-Bearville?

It means either you have been banned.OrYou have put the wroung login or password in. You may have to wait 15 mintues. :)

How do you change your character on Minecraftjar for Mac?

pocket additon: you cant Computer:choose a skin you like click on it then press upload to minecarft it will take you to minecraft home login if you have not allready press change then go on to minecraft and your skin has been changed!

How do you unmigrate your minecraft account?

Sry you cant unmigrate. Ive been looking round the internet its impossible

How do you know if you have been reported on moshi monsters?

It depends. You may not receive a notice especially if the Moshi Monsters staff check out the report and do not think you have done anything wrong. If the Moshi Monsters staff find that you have broken the rules, you or your parents might get an email with a warning in it or you will get a warning notice when you try to Login to your account. If you break the rules more than one or two times, your account may be blocked. You will not be able to Login to your account. There will be a notice when you try to Login and you or your parents may receive an email saying that your account has been blocked. If you have a paid Moshi Member account, the days you are not able to access your account will still be counted.

How can you restore an old world account?

You can use the scroll of resurrection from the account management page. If it has been over a year, then you might need to upgrade your login account to a account. accounts are now required of all WoW accounts.