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Q: How do you lock your plot in Minecraft SMP?
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What does smp mean in Minecraft?

SMP stands for Survival MultiPlayer

Can you play smp in minecraft with someone next to you without internet?


What is an admin on Minecraft smp?

An admin is a administrator of a Minecraft Server. They are of a higher rank than Moderators.

When will Minecraft beta come out?

no one knows, but when SMP is finshed it will come out. i think it will come out early 2011

Can someone make you a minecraft SMP server?

No but they can make you an op. Would you like to join my server? If you do visit these websites,

How do you play Minecraft multiplayer for free?

There is no"legal" way to play Minecraft Beta SP or SMP for free. If you really want a way to do this Google give sufficient hits.

What is the "Dream SMP"?

there is a content creator called "dream" who created a minecraft server with his friends

What is the server IP address for the yogscast?

At the moment they have 3 open public servers. These are the IP addresses: Minecraft Public #1: Minecraft Public #2: Minecraft Recommended #1 (SW SMP):

When a computer has two or more Central Processing Units it is considered SMP?

Typically, yes. Symmetrical Multiprocessing refers more to two identical processors, but software designed for SMP can still be used on mismatched dual processors. It also applies for multi-core processors.Typically, when software designed for SMP, it simply means that it has multiple threads that allow it to use more than one processor at a time. Non-SMP software will still work on a SMP system (including non-SMP kernels). SMP software should work on a non-SMP system. SMP kernels might work on non-SMP systems, but there would be no advantage.

How do you delete a plot in Minecraft Survival?

You type in the command in chat /t unclaim while standing in the plot.

What is WMP and SMP in milk production?

SMP - Skimmed milk powder WMP - Whole milk powder

How do you block people from your plot in Minecraft?

if you are talking about creative its usually /plotme deny