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Catch the fire moth, and there should be two sets of pumpkins with the candles in them. Get the fire bug to light up the first pumpkin on the left, the third from the right, and the farthest right one.

If you watch the moths, they will fly to the pumpkins you need to light.

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Q: How do you light the pumpkins for Super Moshi Mission 8?
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What pumpkins do you light for super moshi on 8th mission?

It is the pumpkin with the glasses and the biggest two on the right hand side.

How do you light pumpkins on mission 8 on moshi monsters?

you use the lighter you get from simon growl

How do you light the correct pumpkins on moshi monsters mission 8?

light last first and 2 before last

What pumpkins do you light to attract the moths on moshi monsters?

When you click on the moths they fly to three pumpkins. They are the ones you light.

Which pumpkins do you light on moshi monsters?

kind of obvious isn't it?

What pumpkins do you light in mission 8 on moshi monsters?

Watch for which pumpkins the moths go to. It may not be the same pumpkins for every player.

How do you light the pumpkins on moshi monsters?

This item was sold in one of the shops in Monstro City during the Halloween period.

How do you finish mission 8 on moshi monsters?

you light three pumpkins with the fire bug if they are correct the spider will eat them and make a web so simon doesn't fall . last of all simon gives you gabby. if this advice works add aliyam8342

Where are the bugs in super moshies quest on moshi monsters?

The creepie crawlies in Season 2 Mission 3 are in the Unknown Zone, and you have to ring the bells, blow the horn, have the Hoodoo Lantern from Snaggletooth Swamp, and light up the cave with the lanterns.

How do you light pumpkins with tiny white lights?

You put a tea light inside it.

Where do you put the key on moshi monsters super moshi?

turn the light off but before you do that open your pouch now drag the key to the botom left corner go to sludge street and go to the house that says FOR RENT

Where is the last thing to find in Super Moshi Mission 6 Super Moshiversity Challenge on Moshi Monsters?

The 'Super Moshi Diary' and the 'Magnifying Glass' have to go on the shelf on the right of the room.The 'Cuddly Human' needs to be on your bed.The 'Iggy Portrait' goes on the table next to your bed.And the 'Spare Super Cape' needs to go on the coat hook next to the shelf where your 'Super Moshi Diary' and the 'Magnifying Glass' are.After you have cleaned up the mess in your dorm room, go to the classroom with Hermitty. You notice the Sonic Sapphire in the shelf above the black board is missing. Pick up the earplugs and go back to your dorm room. Put the earplugs on, then turn off the lights. During the music, turn the light back on. Hermitty will be gone. Click on the key that is on the shelf and turn the light off. Drag the key to the trapdoor to unlock the door, then go in. You will see the Sonic Sapphire on top of the organ. Pick up the Exploding Rox and the slingshot. Go to your inventory and click on your slingshot. Play Slingshot Symphony and shoot the glumps. After you finish the game, Hermitty will come in and give you Penny!