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no this is the hard part of the game

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Q: How do you light the fire at the lodge on club penguin elite puffle?
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Where is the Orange puffle on club penguin?

Try the ski lodge or puffle shop.

How do you light the fire in the lodge on elite force?

Hey!How u do that is u use the black puffle on the wood. Hope I helped! ~Goldenlatios

How do you get a puffle costume on club penguin?

The puffle costume is available only at the Puffle Party 2012. The catalog featuring the puffle costume was at the Ski lodge.

HOW to help the construction worker do his tasks on the club Penguin Elite game?

You have 4 tasks, Fix the door, Destroy the Ice at the Iceberg, Relight the fire at the Lodge and turn on the lamp in the Mine. -Fix the door at the Rink Call out your black puffle and he'll fix it for you. -Destroy the Ice at the Iceberg For this one you need the red puffle. Go to the iceberg and have redpuffle blast itself at the ice. -Relight the fire at the Lodge Grab your black puffle and have him aim at the fire and he'll relight it. -Turn on the light at the Mine The black puffle will also turn on the light for you. Hope this Helps!

Where is the two new pins on Club Penguin?

Blue puffle pin at the lodge attic, and red at the hidden lake

What room has no sound in club penguin?

boiler room and the pool and the mine and so much more....

Where is Aunt Arctic in mission 13 in Club Penguin elite force?

In the ski lodge cupboard

Where is the attic in club penguin elite penguin force?

Where it has always been!!!! In the Ski Lodge. Then just touch the stairs and ta da!!!! Your there

Where is the pin in club penguin also in February?

Blue and Red puffle pin! One at lodge attic and the other at the hidden lake!

How do you change to your puffle?

Well first you can download penguin storm 10 at

Where do you find the seven puffles in club penguin elite penguin force mission 10?

Club Penguin;Seven Puffle FindingElite Penguin Force; Nintendo DS/DSiGreen: ForestRed: StageBlack: Mine Shack but when you go in there look to the left NOT right he blends in so look hard!!!Pink: Gift ShopBlue: Lodge AtticPurple: Night Club LoungeYellow: Book roomNO White or Orange.

Where are all the puffle pins in club penguin?

blue is in the attic of the ski lodge the red is at the hidden lake the black is at the Recycling plant and the green is in the dojo