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well you have to find goobs

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Q: How do you level up your fighter in fossil fighters champions?
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What do you do to be on level 15 in fossil fighters champions?

i have no clue

What is the highest rank you can get in fossil fighters champions?

level 7

Where do you find E raptor in fossil fighters champions?

in level 3 area

Fossil fighters what to do after winning the third level up battle?

Check Your Fighter Journal, That's What To Do!

How do you beat Rupert in fossil fighters champions?

I beat rupert using a level 14 teffla Areos 10 and a level 12 pelro it was quite easy

How do you get krona fossils in fossil fighters?

To get Krona, you must be a level four or higher fossil fighter. The Krona head, body, arms, and legs can be found in bouttomsup bay.

How do you get out after the door goes up on fossil fighters in Digadiamid floor 1 when you are a level 2 fighter?

look for the key between the bones

How do you get the fossil cannon on fossil fighters?

At level 3

When do you unlock the fossil cannon in fossil fighters?

level 3

What level is max level in fossil fighters?

Level 12

How do you win level three in fossil fighters?

using your best fossil

How do you become a level 5 fossil fighter in ds?

How do you become a level five foissil fighter on the Ds