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well you cant even with action replay. in Pokemon blue there is a glitch Pokemon that is mewtwo and its lv225 near that

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Q: How do you level up your Pokemon above level 100 on Pokemon dp with action replay?
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How do you get level 100 Pokemon in Pokemon fire red?

action replay

How do you get Lv99 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

level up or action replay

In Pokemon pearl is there an action replay code to get youre Pokemon to level 999?


Does using an action replay in Pokemon allow you to control higher level Pokemon?


What can you do with a action replay?

Get cheats and get any Pokemon any level

Why doesn't your Pokemon work on action replay?

If there to higher level

Is there an action replay cheat to encounter level 90 Pokemon?


How do you get your Pokemon to level 100 without action replay?

train it

Is there a Action Replay Code for Pokemon Platinum to have a Pokemon level 500?

no, but theres 1 for level 250

What are action replay codes for pokemondimond for level 100?

Just raise a Pokemon up to level 100. Action Replay's stupid stop being lazy.

Where can you get a level 100 Pokemon?

if you use a action replay code for it, then you can get it anywhere.

How can you level up your Pokemon with action replay?

rare candy code.