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GET a blessing bead for pet then use it then go to premiem channel and have ur skilling armor and gear on go to the drilling mechine onster out side of Fort runa town and have alot of hp pots skill on it and ull skill fast and ulllvl ur pet fasssssssssssttt and if i was u i would buy the one with 1 day

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Q: How do you level up a pet fast in Cabal?
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How do you level your pet up in wow?

Pets will automatically level as you do. When you gain a level, your pet gains a level.

How do you level up your call pet in wow?

Well it depends what level it is. If it is significantly lower level than the monsters you are questing on. Then go to a mob who's level is equal or just higher than the pets level, then just keep killing them until your pet levels up. Then keep doing that until your pet is the level that you desire. Or you can just 'Tame' another pet that is your level.

How do you level up quick on pet shop?

Dun no

Where can you level up fast in maple story?

You can level up fast from anything. You can kill monsters or go do quests. Its impossible not to level up fast from killing monsters or doing quests. Unless you are killing very weak monsters like level 1 or something.

How do you level your pet up on Movie Star Planet?

play with it!

How do your get your pet a hat on Movie Star Planet?

Level it up.

How do you level up fast on miniplanet?

level up Im improving that. You can level up fast: Cleaning pads. Buying Furniture/clothes. using your tockets. Giving luv!. Hope thats better than "level up"! From -Shaannon! x

How do you level up on aq fast?

by cheating

How do you drop more then one pet in the menagerie on runescape?

To add more than one pet in the menagerie you simply follow the same method as your 1st pet: click on pet and 'use' on pet house (assuming you have built a pet house ) remembering that the amount of pets you can deposit is dependant on your construction level i.e level 37 up to 3 pets, 52 up to 6 pets and level 67 up to 10 pets. To remove pets from the menagerie, click on your pet house and click on your pet from the menu, which will return your pet to your inventory.

Can you evolve on epic pet wars?

You cannot evolve on epic pet wars, you simply level up. You can level up by doing jobs, winning battles, or using special battlemaster items.

How do you level fast on happy pets?

There is no sure way to level up quicker in Happy Pets. But what I do to level up fast is, I clean the litter boxes in all my rooms, my friends rooms, and feed my friends' pets along with my own. Also if you play with the laster pointer you can level up fast too.

How to level up fast in Up?

You can kept on playing Maplestory.Also,when you are on a certain level in Maplestory in certain jobs ,you will recieve a level up potion.