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Q: How do you level a unlevel slope on Pokemon heartgold do you need a move if so what move and where do you get it?
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How do you get to top of mt coronet Pokemon diamond?

To reach the top of mt.coronet, you should start at Oreburgh. Use your bike to get up the sandy slope north of the town. Then enter Mt.coronet and surf left. you will have to rockclimb to reach the higher level. Then, you just climb from there.

Where is Muddy Slope in Pokemon platinum?

Go to the northeast of Oreburgh city. Take the path north, and you will find a sign, then tall grass turn left before the tall grass and there will be a boy there. That's where the muddy slope is.

How do you climb a slope using a bike in Pokemon pearl?

If it's the same as Pokemon diamond you must go on second gear (the quick one) using B and then you can just ride up the slope hope I Helped, from Liam Godfrey (Taffygod3) plz write on my comments thingy ma bob plz, becuz iim new on this! thanks :)

How do you get the item near dragon spiral tower on Pokemon black?

in winter,go to iccurus city and go up the slope of snow and walk through the grass and you can get it.

What is the best way to train Pokemon on Pokemon Sapphire?

it really depends how far you are in the game... usually trainer battles level them up fast but if your trying to level up a low level Pokemon after you already completed the Pokemon league you can level it up to about 16 in the victory road by sending it out, then immediately switching it for a higher level Pokemon. Also, you can send any Pokemon to the day care...once you do this, find a heavy object to place on your move buttons....get an acro bike and go to any slope that you need a mach bike for....start going up the hill, but you can't because of your acro the heavy object on the pad (up) so it keeps trying to climb the hill...every step is 1 XP point for Pokemon in day care....leave your game boy like this for an hour or two and your Pokemon will be leveled up quickly (my level 51 sceptile went up about 10 levels to 61 in an hour or so) i think it also depends if you want to take you time or not. if you don't do what they said above.the stats will just be lower. but if you want a Pokemon with a high atttack or other stat just ev train at one of the spots below: attack: shuppets or mightyenas by lilycove in the level 30s defense:team magma hideout has all defence iv giving Pokemon level 30s Sp Attack: spindas by fallarbor only level 15 Sp Defence: i heard that artisan cave has just smeargles to train on not sure though Speed: Any zubats or golbats you find just not the ones on victory road or it wont be as high Also some items help them get more so you don't have to waste you time like a macho brace a exp. share or if your lucky enough to get pokerus. if you don't have it don't try getting it youll waste even more time finding it. I know it works because my absol is only lv. 40 but has about 200 att for its stat. But if you think it takes too long just do it the fast way.

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