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you must go to professer rowan when your first pokedex is filled up then he will give you the national pokedex and your very first Pokemon that you saw on your reguiler pokedex will be still be there they are located at the bottom of your pokedex.................. hope this helped

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Q: How do you know when youv'e finished the game in Pokemon pearl?
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What do you do on Pokemon pearl when you have completed both pokedexes and battled everyone hundreds of times?

Congratulations you finished the game!!

What the game ar id for Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon Pearl's game ID is APAE-31D0AFDE.

How do you get manhpy the Pokemon?

to get manaphy you need to have the game Pokemon ranger. there is a special mission called "save the precious egg". once you are finished with the level transfer it over to Pokemon diamond and pearl.

Where can you get a pipup in Pokemon Pearl?

Piplup is a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl. you can get him early in the game as your starter Pokemon.

Were is a legendary Pokemon in pearl?

On Pokemon pearl there are multiple legendary Pokemon. The first true legendary is probbaly palkia. Rotom and spiritomb etc are just sub legendarys. You can also get heatran giratina shaymin and arceus in Pokemon pearl. references,ive finished the game 10 times aswell as platinum and diamond.

If you transfer Pokemon from pearl to your Pokemon Ranch and start a new game on pearl can you transfer the Pokemon back to pearl?


How to trade a Pokemon from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant because leafgreen is an older game then Pokemon pearl plus its a gameboy advance game.

What do you do after you bet heartran in Pokemon pearl?

your almost finished the game! after you beat heatran, you got to compleate the national pokedex. after that, battle every trainer in the region. after, get 6 Pokemon level 100. then you beat the game!!!

What do you do after you have completed all the quests and missions on Pokemon Ranger 2?

nothing you have finished the game, but you can get the egg and put it on another game like Pokemon pearl or diamond. Or you could just start it all again

Can you trade a Charizard in Pokemon firred into Pokemon Pearl?

No. Fire red is a GBA game and Pearl is a DS game.

Can you catch a dioxies in Pokemon Pearl?

you can certainly catch Dioxies in the game Pokemon pearl

Pokemon dimond and pearl?

a cool Pokemon game