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When you try to log on a message will appear telling you about your deletion.

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Q: How do you know if your account is deleted on roblox?
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Who is the is the oldest user on roblox?

its Admin but it's deleted because Roblox is testing moderation on account Admin and then Roblox deleted Admin and after 2 years he creates new account what name is Roblox

How do you unbanned from roblox?

If your account has been deleted, you can't. Make a new account or use an alt. account.

who is Roblox's 1000000 user?

Deleted Account lol.

How do you hack your deleted account back on ROBLOX?

You can't. And if your account was deleted that means you must have done some pretty bad stuff several times unless you were hacked yourself and then got deleted.

Who is the 3rd account on Roblox?

" ". I believe the number was purposely skipped. As if you send a message to someone and change it to 18 or 54, you get Admin and RockMSockM. Both deleted.

How do you destroy roblox?

grab a rocket launcher and blow up everything. But be careful your account could be deleted.

How do you get deleted from roblox?


When my Rob lox account got deleted but i somehow got it back what does this mean?

Roblox must have realized they made a mistake and gave you your account back.

How do you get unbanned from roblox?

You can't get unbanned from Roblox until your ban time expires. If you are perma-banned, you can't get unbanned. Your best bet is usually to just make another account and use that until your original account is unbanned.

How do you know how old your roblox account is?

go on your email

How do you get into a deleted Facebook account?

how do you get back your deleted face book friends

roblox high school?

a poor roblox game that should be deleted