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You can't, they do not have genders. Two dogs will always be able to breed regardless.

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when u breed your dogs in minecraft, if the baby is closer or very close to one of the dogs that dog(The one that bred to have the baby) is a girl. and male well the other dog that the baby was not close enough to or not close at all. (This is what I do to tell if my dogs r girls or boys its not true in general)

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If the tail is up when standing it’s a boy if it’s down while standing it’s a girl

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If the tail is down it just means it’s hungry and it’s needs food. If you want the gender to your dog, you can choose or go to wheel decide for a random choice.

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Q: How do you know if a dog in minecraft a boy or a girl?
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The animals in Minecraft do not have genders. Any two individuals are a viable breeding pair.

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