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You have to roll your mouse over the various objects in the office and click them to use them to kill your boss. They change color when you roll over them. There are 19 in the game "Don't Whack Your Boss":

1. Cubicle wall

2. Coat Hanger on wall

3. Water Cooler

4. Wall Clock

5. Boss's pencil

6. File Drawer

7. Cup

8. Scissors

9. Briefcase

10. Keyboard

11. Monitor

12. Steel Rule

13. Stapler

14. Letter Opener

15. Top Cabinet

16. Umbrella

17. Wastebasket

18. Chair

19. Fists

(other versions include:)

20. Golf Club

21. Lamp

22. Flower Vase

23. Phone

24. Computer tower (left of chair)

Various versions of the game have either 16, 19, 20, or 24 (official site may have more eventually).

Usually the game will end with the employee listening to a recorded mantra "No when, No want, No worry." Sometimes he will play a video game: you hear Pong, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, or Space Invaders.

To prepare for the next item, click "Cleaner."

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Q: How do you kill the boss on Don't Whack Your Boss?
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