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First you have to kill the guards. Azula then jumps down. Don't try to attack her strait away, she is too strong and fast.

Get Zuko to firebend the flames on the torches to the box underneath Azula's throne. You need to hit the box with firebending when Azula is not moving. The box is a switch, which will open a trap door in the floor, water is underneath.

Get Katara to waterbend the water to put the torches out. The trap door will close, just repeat until you put all the torches out.

Azula will become more distressed, and shoot even bigger bolts of lightning at you. Wait until she has tried to shoot you three times. She will start to cry phrases like "you can't be beating me!" This is when you need to attack her. She will use blue flames to get you off her, and flee to another place in the room. wait until she cries out again, and attack. you will have to do this about three times.

When you beat her, she will scream, fly back and hit the wall.

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Q: How do you kill azula in Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno for PS2 she keeps jumping about?
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