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Q: How do you install the burning crusade on OS x from iso files without burning them to cds?
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Will using recovery discs delete the files?

If you run Install then Repair it shouldn't delete files in "My Documents" (at least it didn't when I did it recently). If you run Install then Install it will delete the files.

How do you install sims 2 expansion packs without losing old files?

you backup the files on to a disk then put the expansion packs on then load the disk back on , hope this helps :)

Is there any way to install a previously uninstalled program without an install disk?

It depends on what it is. If the files from the program are still on your computer, you can go to Windows Explorer and look for the "setup" of the program.

How do you install garry'smod?

if you have steam you can install it from there but if not you will manually have to place the files in the correct place

What are bin and cue files?

Bin/Cue files are "image" files that a CD Burning software uses to create a CD

Will all your files delete if I install sp3?


How do you install if 1file of the game is missing?

You Can't install the game unless you have all the files.

Is there a shortcut to burning a CD on your computer from files saved on an mbox 2 from pro tools?

No, there is not a shortcut available for burning a CD from your saved files on an Mbox 2 from Pro Tools.

When you burn files are they still on your computer?

Yes; burning files to a recordable CD or DVD creates a copy.

How do you install im scared a pixelated nightmare?

Install a program that can open rar files such as winzip

How do you open vce file in ubuntu?

VCE files are created using the Visual CertExam Suite. In order to properly open this files, you will need to download and install a program that is designed specifically for these types of files.

How do you install trade tiger software for Linux?

install wine and then you will be able to run .exe files on ubuntu