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You type %appdata% in your search bar. You then click on Roaming, .minecraft and bin. Next right click on minecraft.jar and "open with" select winrar (you may need to download). first of all delete META-INF and if the mod folder contains only class files, just drag them in straight away. if it contains other file types, see if the mod maker or anyone on YouTube has a tutorial.

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Q: How do you install mods on minecraft sp?
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Why cant you install mods for Minecraft?

Check out the link below for a guide of how to install mods in Minecraft.

How do you get minecraft mods for 1.8?

It might not be out yet but it should be. You have to download and install forge then you can install mods by going to .minecraft/mods and adding a mod there.

How do you install mods on Minecraft on a Mac?

Google for Modstallation. You can use that software to install mods.

What mods work on Minecraft 1.2.3 servers?

The Server has to install the mods Not You.

How do you install mods on minecraft PE?

you cant

What Mac operating system do you need to install mods in Minecraft?

any will load mods onto minecraft but the better operating system the more mods you can have

Can you install mods without buying minecraft?


What is a super easy way to get minecraft mods?

If you are looking for a easy way to install mods, someone made another Minecraft that can be used for downloading mods easier.

How do you install mods in Minecraft SP on a MacBook laptop?

1) find your .minecraft folder 2) open the .minecraft folder 3) open the bin folder 4) right click minecraft.jar (you will need winrar or 7zip etc) open with winrar or 7zip 5) follow instructions on how to install the mod.

How do you make choclate in Minecraft?

As for now, chocolate is not in Minecraft. But you can install mods to add chocolate.

How do you download mods to minecraft?

Mods can usually be downloaded from where they are publishedSome mods come with an installer to install the modFor other mods, you need to install them manually by opening the zip file they are in and copying the contents to the minecraft.jar file found in the bin folder of the .minecraft directory

How do you install mods to Minecraft on a mac?

You should use forge.