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go to the apps store and search for minecraft

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Q: How do you install minecraft on iPad?
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Can you play Minecraft on 16GB iPad?

Yes, it is possible to play Minecraft on your iPad.

Can you play Minecraft on iPad Mini?

Yes, you can play Minecraft on the iPad Mini. It is available in the App Store.

How do you make a fernes using iPad minecraft?

Furnaces are not constructible in the Minecraft iPad version, but most likely will be in the next update.

How can you play the official minecraft on your ipad if its jail broken?

You cannot play Minecraft on iPad. Jail broken or not. It is a java game for PC, not anything else currently. However, you can get iOS applications that mimic Minecraft in some aspects. You can play Minecraft Pocket Edition on iPad.

Can you play Minecraft on iPad?

Yes you can.

Can you install flash on iPad to play Moshi Monsters?

No, you cannot install Adobe Flash on the iPad

Is there anything like Minecraft?

In an ipad, there is eeden. It is sort of like minecraft, but different.

How do you play the real game of minecraft on here like the iPad?

The full version of Minecraft relies on having a full Java install, and is therefore not able to run on mobile devices. The full version of Minecraft is supported on Mac and PC, with partial support for Linux operating systems.

Can you connect minecraft PE from iPad to iPhone?


Can Minecraft be played on an your iPad?

No. There is a app called eden in the app store that is similar to minecraft.

Can you download minecraft on the iPad?

Yes. Get it from the App Store.

How do you eat in minecraft on the iPad?

Tap and hold on the screen.