How do you install a doom wad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Follow these steps to work the awesome Doom Wads: 1. Download " Skulltag" from (it's free and it's got more options than normal Doom). 2. Open your Doom folder then press make that box smaller. 3. Put Skulltag in your Doom folder/directory. 4. Open the folder where you put your wad(s) then make the box smaller. 5. Drag and drop or copy and paste the wad in your Doom folder. 6. Make sure the wad has the skulltag symbol on it then double click it. 7. Edit the in game options that you would prefer. 8. Have fun with your new wad!!!

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Q: How do you install a doom wad?
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Can you play a doom wad without a copy of doom and i not where can i find a copy of doom?

If you have the wad you practically have the game. Download zDoom and your set!

What are computer wads?

As far as I know, PC games from the Nineties, such as DOOM or Wolfenstein ran on WAD files. If you get a source engine such as ZDoom it will ask for a WAD. Now finding a WAD for, say, the Ultimate DOOM (Full version) is remarkably easy as DOOM is so old. You insert the WAD file into the source engine and bingo! But on the safe side, you should own a material copy of the game (DOOM 1 or DOOM 2 or wolfenstein or whatever you want) on any console just to prove you actually own the game. Its not nessacery, but safe.

I can't run Super Mario Doom for Doom 2. How do I do it?

Drag and drop the .WAD file ino the executable.

How do you install brutal doom for doom?

you cant install it u have to be 13 years and older to install it :]

Does Duke Nukem 3D use wad files to play like doom?

No, Duke Nukem 3D uses MAP files.

What version of Doom are the Harris Levels in?

The Harris Levels must be downloaded separately as WAD files. You will find them here:

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