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you need a action replay i think

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Q: How do you insert cheatcodes in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get the old sea chart in Pokemon fire red?

You can't without using cheatcodes. The Old Sea Chart is only obtainable and useable in Pokemon Emerald.

Are there any cheatcodes on emerald?

The are LOADS of cheat codes for Pokemon Emerald. But unfortunatley, you do NEED an Action Replay, or a GameShark. Here is a link for some great codes!

How do you mirgate Pokemon?

After you beat the Elite 4 go to Pal Park and save. Insert a Pokemon Emerald game and on the menu it says "Migrate from Emerald" go there. It shows all the PC Pokemon from Emerald. Choose 6 Pokemon and try to catch them!

How do you insert cheatcodes to Pokemon Sapphire?

You need to buy an Action Replay or a Gameshark in this world. Nintendo and I do NOT endorse these devices. Both devices should have cheats already loaded onto them.

Where can you get the Pokemon shuckle in Pokemon Diamond?

Insert an Emerald game in the GBA slot and go to route 224 and it should appear.

How do you get a shiny mew in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Cheatcodes or luck.

Where do you put cheatcodes in Pokemon Ranger?

you cant sorry

How do you get first form of forretress in Pokemon platinum?

buy Pokemon emerald version and insert it into the GBA slot then go to route 229

How do you put Pokemon emerald into DS system?

You would insert the game cartage at the bottom of of the DSR3

Can you find gligar on Pokemon pearl?

Gligar is in the grass near cycling road if you insert Pokemon Emerald. In Platinum, the dongle feature is not nessecary.

How do you get tediusa on Pokemon Pearl?

route 211 (after getting the national pokedex, insert the Pokemon emerald gamboy game into your ds, and it will eventually apear.)

Where do you find a tedtiursa in Pokemon diamond?

Insert Emerald into your ds and go to route Route 211/Lake acuity