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Smoke or Go to the bar and drink beer smoking lowers tour health so stick with the beer

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Q: How do you increase your charm in stick RPG?
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How do you raise your charm in stick RPG?

Drink beer

How do you get lots of charm in stick RPG 2?

Go to the club and get drunk, you get about 30 charm /per

What can you do with your wife in stick rpg 2?

i am married to one and she gives me 1 charm each day

What can you do with a wife in Stick RPG 2?

gives u +1 charm everyday. at least that's what i heard.

What do you get when you give all 4 of the the trophens to the girl in stick rpg 2?

you get good karma,charm & a hover board

What are the stick RPG 2 cheats?

There are no cheats for Stick RPG 2, however, there are cheats for Stick RPG Complete. If you type HEYZEUS!!!! exactly in your username, you will get a lot of stats and $10,000. If you type in 1e24 in your deposit into the bank, you will get tons of money.

How much charm do you need to rob a store in stick RPG?

The charm has to be around 260 to rob the store and over 204 to rob the store but u have to have a gun.

How do you rob a place in stick RPG?

you have to go to the pawn shop and buy a gun leave then go back and buy ammo and get lots of charm

What is stick RPG complete?

It is a game by xgenstudios and is a realy good one, serch stick rpg complete hacked or stick rpg complete

How do you put a E in the ATM on stick RPG 2?

that's not in stick rpg 2,,, its just in stick rpg complete (the first one).

Where can you play stick RPG 3?

no probably not because stick rpg 2 is very popular at the moment and if you find super stick rpg 3 - its crap and the real makers of stick rpg 1 and 2 didnt make it so the answer to your question is no

How do you get a helicopter in stick RPG complete?

There isint any helicopter in stick rpg complete