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You can ask people in your school or give them a paper to goto a place to duel. Or post it on internet.

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Q: How do you host a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament?
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How can you host an online chess tournament?

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When is the next Brighton Yugioh tournament in Brighton and where please?

check on facebook or uktcg

How can you make an online Yu-Gi-Oh tournament?

u need to contact the yugioh people

How many people do you have to duel in the dark survival tournament on Yugioh day of the duelist?

40 people

What sould you bring to your first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament?

you should bring your yugioh deck

Where is the next Yugioh world tournament 2010 located?

Long Beach, CA. It starts on August 14.

How do you unlock spice up your deck in yugioh tag force 3?

Beat the Obolisk Blue Tournament.

How do you register for Yu-gi-oh championship tournament?

sign upYou first must find a tournament site near you, which you can do at Then you must go there and sign up.

Is there an under 13 yugioh tournament in New Jersey Pennsylvania or Delaware?

There is a place in Bayonne New Jersey called Board Game King and they host tournaments there often. Google it and you can find out more. Good luck :)

Where can you buy Yu-Gi-Oh starter decks?

Walmart, Target, and official tournament stores(see for details)

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