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go into register bluetooth device start scanning on head set hold down volume up an mute bottons until light starts flashing it should apear on ps3 code is 0000

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Q: How do you hook up a Logitech h600 headset to the ps3?
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How do you hook your phone to online ps3 modern warfare?

Your phone can not be used to provide PS3 internet or as a headset

How do you connect Logitech H800 Wireless Headset to PS 3?

To connect a H800 Wireless Headset to a PS3 first locate the blue-tooth accessories menu on the PS3 home screen and then press the pairing button on the device until it appears in the list of devices the console can connect to.

How do you hook up a tritton ax51 pro headset to a ps3?

im in the same boat. from what i understand you need to link to the ax pro's decoder box to link to the ps3

Does the logitech g 25 works on PS3?

The Logitech claims it will support PS3 games that support Logitech force feedback, but it was designed for the PC. have reviews also saying that it works on the PS3

How do you use the earpiece on the PS3?

To use a headset on a PS3 first sync the headset to the PS3. To do this plug in the headset to your PS3 using the charge cable, and power on the headset. After the headset is synced, play any game that supports headsets, or chat to anybody on your friends list who owns a headset using the voice chat room.

What is the ps3 wireless stereo headset compatible with?

Besides the PS3 the headset says enjoy it on the MAC or PC if your talking about the 7.1 virtual surround sound headset and not the PS3 Bluetooth Headset that is under $50

Can you use PS3 headset for ps2 games?

If the ps3 headset is bluetooth technology no, if it connects via usb yes.

PS3 wireless headset adaptars?

Ps3 wirekess headset adapters can be purchased at gaming and electronics stores locally.

Can you use a logitech g930 gaming headset on the ps3?

Nope sorry bro. I have one and have tried to use it with my PS3 but its a no go . Goodle searching will also quickly tell you no as well. Really wish I could connect this up to my PS3 as its way better then those stupid blue tooth phone mics.

How do you talk to people on PS3?

First you must purchase optional headset meant for PS3 with operating instructions like the Sony PS3 Bluetooth headset

How do you talk online a PS3?

just get a Bluetooth PS3 headset

Is it possible to play logitech speakers through your ps3?

That depends on specifically which speakers you had in mind, but I use Logitech Surround Sound speakers with my PS3 and they work fine.