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Go to fullmoon island & catch cressselia.

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Q: How do you help the kid in canalave city in pearl?
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Where is the kid with nightmares on Pokemon pearl?

In the house next to the sailor who takes you to Iron Island.

How do you heal the little boy in canalave city?

Talk to the man that brings you to Iron Island, he'll say that his son is ill, go to the his house and talk to the kind and the mother, than go back to the man and he'll bring you to the insland where you can find Cresselia, when she flyes away you'll find the feather to cure the kid.

How do you get a cresselia?

Once you beat the Elite Four and get your sinnoh Dex. Go to Canalave City, and go into the sailors house, talk to the sick kid and his mom. Then, go outside and talk to the sailor who took you to Iron Island. Talk to him and he will take you to Full Moon island. Talk to cresselia. It will run, but track it with the marking map. Just use the same method that you used with Mesprit. If this doesn't help you, their are guides on the Internet. (Youtube) GOOD LUCK!

How do you get the kid in Canalave city to wake up from his nightmares in Pokemon Diamond?

Well, you talk to the kid, then talk to his mom, then go to the sailor outside who says his son his having a really huge nightmare (not exactly but you get the point), then he'll take you to this place called Fullmoon Island where the pokémon Creselia lives. When you get to Creselia, she flies away and leaves the lunar wing behind. Take the lunar wing to the kid and he'll wake up (and if you want to get Creselia you'll have to look on the marking map like you did for Mesprit).

How do you get the kid awake from his nightmares in Pokemon pearl?

Talk to the sailor. Do what he says go to crecelia press A then get the pokeball give it to the boy.

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How do you get cressicilia in Pokemon pearl?

go over to canalave city and go to the last house to the bottom left and talk to the woman with the kid that's having nightmares

How do you get the kid in canalave city to have nightmares?

you must beat the Pokemon league and complete both the regular pokedex and the national pokedex

How do you get creseila in Pokemon diamond?

To get Cresselia you have to get the nat dex and talk to the sailor man's wife in canalave city when their kid is in the bed. Then go to Fullmoon Island and find Cresselia... !!just read what the guys say!! why do i have to do evrything

How do you get creselia in Pokemon platinum?

first u get the national dex then u talk to the little kid in canalave city and then u talk to the sailor and u go to new moon island and she is in a cave

When do you get cresellia?

After beating the elite four go to the sailor's house in canalave city. Talk to the mom, the bedridden kid, and then the mom again. Exit the house and talk to the sailor. He will take you to full moon island where you see cresselia but she takes off leaving behind the lunar wing. Go back to canalave and give the bedridden kid the wing. Cresselia has become a wandering pokemon. Find it and catch it.

How do you get chatot on Pokemon pearl?

look on the route going to sunny shore city or trade with that kid (boy) in one of those big fancy houses at enterna city

Where do you get the 102nd Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

Chatot you can get him route 222 & 224 or a kid inside his house in Eterna City will trade you for a Buizel.

How do you get the 8th badg a kid blocks the way to sunshore city in Pokemon pearl?

You must defeat Palkia first to do this you must get to the top of mount. coronet.

You have the members card but you cant get in the inn on diamond?

You require a door key, which is obtained via Action Replay.

I talk to the kid and mom in canalave city to go to Moon island and you go outside and ask the sailor to go to moon island but he does not ask you if you want to go what do you do?

You need to have beaten the Pokemon league and obtained the national dex before you can go.

On Pokemon Diamond how do you get to new moon island?

when you get the national dex talk to the sailors kid in canalave(the sailor who takes you to iron island) when your done talking to the kid talk to the sailor again and hell take you there.

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