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  1. clean pet
  2. go to grooming table and put bandages on it
  3. leave for 5 days and it will be healed
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Q: How do you heal a broken limb on a pet in sims 2 pets for Nintendo ds?
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How do you fix abroken limb on sims 2 pets for Nintendo?

1.clean pet 2.go to the grooming table 3.put on bandages 4. leave for 5 days and your pet will be healed

When is zhu zhu pets coming out on Nintendo ds?

Zhu Zhu pets is coming out on March 21 2010 on Nintendo DS.

What are some games for the Nintendo ds that you get to take care of animals?

Pawly pets, nintendogs, sims 2 pets.

How do you get an upstairs on The Sims 2 Pets?

you can't. well not on Nintendo ds

Can you play zhu zhu pets on Nintendo DSi?

Yes, yes you can.

Can you have babies on the sims apartment pets for Nintendo ds?

yes you can have babies

How do you make your sims have babies on the sims 2 pets for Nintendo GameCube?

sorry you cant have babies on the sims 2 pets.

Are there Sims 3 expansion packs for the Nintendo 3DS?

The only expansion pack for The Sims 3 on Nintendo 3DS is The Sims 3 Pets.

On the Sims Pets 2 for Nintendo DS can you make your pet have babies If so how?

You can't have babies in sims 2 pets DS. I hate it!

How do you buy a pet on sims 2 pets on Nintendo wii?

You can Adopt a pet from the pound.

In Neopets how do you get more health?

Go to Faerieland and click the Healing Springs, and then, click HEAL YOUR PETS.

How do you fix a pets broken leg on sims 2 pets?

The player can help the dog with a fractured bone on sims2 pet on the Nintendo DS by purchasing the bandages from the catalog. You can also purchase a cone to keep the dog from messing with his bandages. Keep the pup from 5 days to make sure the fracture is healed.