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You cannot have kids in vanilla minecraft. However, with the 'Comes Alive' mod, you can do this.

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Q: How do you have kids in Minecraft?
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Creepers can not have kids in vanilla Minecraft. No hostile mobs in Minecraft can be bred.

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How can you make kids on Minecraft?

As far as my knowledge goes, two users on Minecraft cannot have children.

Was minecraft created for kids?


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adults but kids should play minecraft .

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Ever since Minecraft's popularity kicked off, hundreds of people, kids included, have imagined themselves making the next Minecraft clone. There's nothing special or unique about that.

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minecraft kidkraft -hope you don't get scared of this Have to have HD texture pack fix

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Minecraft is just better. The mobs, textures, and animations are better. More people play Minecraft. In my opinion, Roblockx copied Minecraft and it looks like a game for little kids.

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