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There are three things you need before you can battle: a trained battle pet, Trading Cards placed in your Battle Deck, and weapons and wands. If you have just created a pet because you are new to Marapets you will have to use the gym to train for a little bit before battling but with a little effort and determination it will not take you very long. There are Trading Cards to collect that unlock battle opponents and Opponent section in this guide will show you the easiest and most affordable ones. One of the biggest mistakes players make when deciding on their battle pet is using a limited edition pet that is difficult to equip with wands. Please read the Wand section carefully before choosing your battle pet.

Battle pets train at the gym on Minipet Island in level, strength, speed, defense, and health. The gym is paid for by crystals which can be won doing Elger quests or bought from other players. Each gym session will give a stat in whichever area you train in. Pet level should only be raised as necessary because it determines how many crystals your gym session will cost and how long it takes. You must keep all your stats double your pet level because once you pass level 25 the cost goes up to two crystals per session and takes two hours.

Each battle opponent has a Trading Card which must be placed in your Battle Deck before you can battle him. The easiest opponents that are easy and inexpensive to buy Trading Cards for are Uayl, Snowman Twin, and Sumo Feliz. Your battle pet must have at least 9 health points to be able to beat Uayl.

Your pet is allowed to use two weapons for attacking and two wands for healing per turn. Although some weapons cause more damage than others it is really your stats that will give them power. If you are starting out battling with a low statted pet I suggest to try either Golden Axes or Biala Swords depending on your budget.

The most important part of battling is training your pet which can be done at the gym on Minipet Island. There is no fast or easy way to do this so patience and dedication is required. Pets have different statistics to be trained in and each is important for a different reason. You will be training in pet level, health, strength, speed and defense. It is important to train pet level only as needed and the other stats can be double your pet level plus one extra. All pet level does is determine how many crystals and how much time it takes to train. Gym sessions are paid for by crystals which are won as a prize from doing Elger's quests or they can be bought from other players. You may have seen boosters in the Account Upgrades but they are rarely worth the money or points unless you have a pet with at least a level of 100.

Health points determine how much damage an opponent can do to you before you lose the battle. The cheapest easy to buy Trading Card is for the opponent Uayl and you need a minimum of nine health points to beat him. Strength and speed both determine how much damage a weapon causes. The higher they are the higher the damage you do. Defense is not a useful feature of battling at this time but should be trained and not ignored. If you don't train in it when the times comes it will be very hard and expensive to catch up because you will have been raising your pet level all the time making it cost more later than you need to pay not to mention all the extra time.

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Q: How do you have a battle on Marapets?
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