How do you hatch the riolu egg?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First you get it from Riley, then you have to walk between 3000ft - 4000ft somewhere in there

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Q: How do you hatch the riolu egg?
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What level is riolu when hatched?

When you hatch Riolu from an egg, it will be level 1

How many steps do you need to walk to hatch an egg on Pokemon diamond a riolu egg?

in order to hatch a riolu egg you need to walk about 5,000-6,000 steps

How can a egg hatch you get from riley in pearl?

you run around sinnoh and it will hatch into riolu.

How long does it take a Rioulo egg to hatch in Pokemon Diamond?

It takes a Riolu Egg a maximum of 6,400 steps to hatch however each Riolu Egg is different so it could hatch earlier depending on the Egg and other factors involved.

Can you get a Riolu on Pokemon platinum?

On Iron Island, a guy named Riley will give you an egg. It will hatch into Riolu.

Who will hatch out of the egg the travelling man gave you on Pokemon pearl?


How do you get a girl riolu in Pokemon diamond?

Its all about luck, Riolu has a 12.5% chance of being female when you hatch it from the egg.

How do you get a riolu on Pokemon pearl?

on iron island, after you beat the dungeon with riley, she will give a egg only if you have a open space in your party. the egg will hatch into a riolu

How do you get a Lucario in diamond?

Evolve Riolu. Riolu evolves with Happiness in the day. To get Riolu, hatch the egg that Riley gives you after traveling with him through Iron Island.

Where do you find a Pokemon egg that doesnt hatch into happiny or riolu?

You do not find an egg that doesn't hatch into happiny or riolu. You must find a girl and boy Pokemon (or girl and ditto or boy and ditto Pokemon) and put them in the daycare, and they may make an egg and allow you to get an egg that isn't happiny or riolu (unless that was the pair you made the Pokemon for).

Where do you catch riolu in Pokemon pearl?

You get an egg from Riley at iron island and hatch it and it is a riolu. that's the only way. unless u trade with a friend. if you start your step-meter right when you get the egg he will hatch at exactly 6535 steps

How do you get riolu in Pokemon platinum?

go to iron island and find riley. go battle the team galaactic guys and after he will give you a riolu egg then just hatch it to get riolu