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Run close to his front side, so as to provoke him into jumping on you. Either run around him, or run between his legs as he does this, jump back on his back while he's down and perform a ground pound on the patch there.

The methods for doing so depend on your controller setup:

Standard Mode: B + R

Touch Mode: B + R

Dual Hand Mode: X + B

You must perform 3 ground pounds on his back to best him. He will kill you if he manages to crush you three times too however (or less if you're damaged).

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Q: How do you ground pound King Whomp in Super Mario DS 64?
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How do you beat king whomp in super Mario ds 64?

When that big guy wham's the ground, you have to get on him and ground-pound him on the back about 4 times and you beat him!

How do you defeat whomp on super Mario 64 ds?

Let him fall, but not on you! When he tries to crush you, let him, but escape the right time. When lies on the ground, jump on his back and pound him. Do it 3 times.

Since when could Mario do a ground pound?

The ground pound goes back to Super Mario 64, which was the first game to allow Mario to do a ground pound. It's been a signature move of Mario since then.

How do you pound on super Mario 62 ds?

if you want to ground pound you have to jump and the R button in air

How do you do ground pound in super Mario 64 DS?

down + b button

How do you ground pound Mario's head on Super Mario Brothers?

In New Super Mario Bros, jump using A and press down on the control pad while in air.

How do you beat the sandworm as mini Mario on new super Mario bros ds?

easy when he pops up from the ground then get above him and ground pound his head

How do you beat the giant whoop in super Mario 64 ds?

you dont! ok, im just kidding What he said. FIRST OF ALL its king WHOMP and this is how you do it:you wait til he is going to try and smash you. then you run underneath him and make him miss. when he lays on his face you do a ground pound on the x on his back.

How do you use metal Mario in super Mario 3 d land?

The metal Tanooki? You have to use a ground pound to be metal.

How do you kill the ghosts on super Mario 64 ds?

You ground pound it, or run around it and punch it.

How do you ground pound in super Mario sunshine?

First you jump up, then you press the "L" button.

In super Mario 64 ds how do you do a ground pound?

Press B to jump, then R to do the ground pound. Any form of jumping, whether its normal, double or triple, you can still do a ground pound. Hope this helps!