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u press f5 six times and then go to the beach

really? that works awsome

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Q: How do you go to rockhoppers ship when hes not there?
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How do you get over to captin rockhoppers ship?

wait for a time hes at cp then go to the beach and you will see his ship, just walk on to it.

How do you get on rockhoppers ship when hes not there?

You need penguin storm so you can get on Rh ship.

How can you go to rockhoppers ship when he is not theare?

u cant

On club penguin what is wrong with rockhoppers ship?

rockhoppers ship once sank

Is rockhoppers ship fixed?

Rockhoppers ship was fixed in 2008 with the help of various penguins.

What do you do with rockhoppers key in club penguin?

You Go to rockhopper's ship and then you go downstairs of the ship and there will be a room and it will let you in only if you have the key.

Where is rockhoppers ship on the beach on club penguin?

Here are a couple of steps to find Rockhoppers Ship. Step 1. Log into Club Penguin. Step 2. Click on the MAP and go to the BEACH You should see the Migrator (Rockhoppers Ship) docked up at the side of the Lighthouse. The only time you wont see Rockhoppers Ship is if their isn't a special event on!! Thank You for posting this question!

What are rockhoppers favorite servers?

frozen and blizzard is what i know. He likes to go to his ship mostly

How do you stow away on rockhoppers ship?

you have to be on his ship when he leaves

What is the name of captain rockhoppers ship?

Captain Rockhopper's ship is called the Migrator.

How do you get a pirate outfit on Club Penguin?

on club penguin when rockhoppers ship comes go to his ship it's right by the lighthouse and you go in and buy it from his store.

How do you get on Rockhoppers Ship?

the only way you can get on the ship is if he is visiting the island