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To save your game on Animal Crossings (for the Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSi:

  1. Go upstairs to the top floor of your house and tap on the bed (or press A when near the bed) and it will ask you if you want to end the game.
  2. Press the "Start" button on your handheld and save your game.

If you mean "How do I lie in a bed," then simply purchase a bed or find one you already have and walk towards it, with the left or right side of the bed facing you.

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Q: How do you go to bed on Animal Crossing?
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How do you swap beds on animal crossing wild world?

Buy a new bed, then go up to your old bed and press "A" in front of it. You will be able to switch that bed with any bed you currently have in your pocket.

Can you put furniture in the attic on Animal Crossing wild world?

No you can't put furniture in the attic where you sleep on animal crossing wild world but if you go to the end of the bed and press A it will ask you if you want to change the bed and if you do click yes. If you click yes it will take you to your inventory and if you have a bed in your inventory that you want to have as the bed in your attic select it and hey presto your bed has changed, and you get the bed you did have before in your inventory!!!!!!!!

How do you get to the city on Animal Crossing wild world?

You cant go to the city on animal crossing wildword.Only can you go on animal crossing lets go to the city (animal cossing city folk).

How long does it take to get bed head on Animal Crossing City Folk?

You only get bed head when you haven't been on your animal crossing for some time. Bed head is where the hair sticks out and looks quite scruffy. I got it because i didn't go on for several months. This is the only way i know to get it. Hope this helps xx

Where do you get the lovely bed on Animal Crossing City Folk?

You get a lovely bed at Tom Nooks place

How do you get a donkey bed in Animal Crossing Wild World?

Theres no such thing.

Where do the old cars go in Animal Crossing?

There are no old cars on animal crossing.

What the difference of Animal Crossing lets go to the city and city folk?

Both Animal Crossing: Lets go to the City and Animal Crossing: City Folk are excatly the same game except: Animal Crossing: Lets go to the City is for Europe and Australian Wii's. Animal Crossing: City Folk are for American Wiis.

Is there a cheat code to get the spooky bed on animal crossing for GameCube?

No none that are valid

How many Animal Crossing are there?

One for DS : Animal Crossing Wild World One for Wii : Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City One for Gamecube : Animal Crossing Wild World (Same title as Ds) :)