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Click on the barrel by the Counselor dude in Chatty Camp

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Q: How do you go to a treble race on Free Realms?
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Free dragon on free realms?

you can go to and sigh up then go to free realms then pet

How do you get in the free realms world?

go on FreeRealms.commake an accountinstallhave fun!NOTE: if free realms isn't working on your computer, go to the question section of free realms and it will tell you what you need to do. :)

How do you start a quest in Free Realms?

you go to a person but not a free realms character you go to a person with a exclamatory point

How do u get free station cash for Free Realms?

u can go to a store and get a game card (free realms)

How do you get Free Realms on the PS3?

go on to ps network and go to the search bar and put in free realms and it's free for the ps3 but the membership isn't

How do you get rares in Free Realms?

oh that is easy. You just go find coins around free realms. they are every where

How do you get a radio on Free Realms?

Go 2 free realms right now 9/26/11 addvertisement

How do you get free sc coins on Free Realms?

you have to go to store

Can 3DS go on Free Realms?

yes it can

Can PS Vita go on Free Realms?


How do you become an referee on Free Realms?

This is how Go to the Free Realms Studio in San Deigo , have to be age 18 and up to have a job has a referee they willl hock your up and you will get to become a ref.There is no way to become a ref on free realms. From Free Realms SOE Support Referee Scarlet Free Realms Lead Chief

Is there a code for Free Realms station cash?

yes go to google and type in free realms cheats and if you click on the with a bunch of free stuff then you got it