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Hey, when u get this answer, add me on runescape, my username is hi737blue

In order to acess 2 accounts on runescape, or go on the same world, you have to use 2 computers.

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Q: How do you go on 2 runescape accounts at the same time?
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Can anyone give like 6 free runescape accounts Dont care what lvlz or what they have?

Just go to the RuneScape Web site and create all the accounts you want.

How do you get a free rs account?

Go to Runescape's homepage and register for an account, trading accounts is against the rules.

Are there any websites for free runescape accounts that work?

Yes, you can go to, and create an account for free.

How many people go on RuneScape?

RuneScape has over 135 million accounts created. About 8.5 million accounts out of those are active users, with around 1 - 1.5 million of them paying members. On average you will see anywhere from 100,000 - 250,000 users logged on simultaneously.

Could I please have a free runescape account?

You can search the internet for free runescape accounts. Who gives a crap if its "Against the rules of conduct" well the rules of conduct or whatever and go die in a hole for all I care.

Does somebody have a runescape account there willing to let go of it would be very great?

Transferring accounts is against the rules, but you can easily create your own account.

I want to trade rune t platebody from one account to another but in runescape?

That can no longer be done.Because of the trade limit JAGEX put in the game actually yes, you can do this, what u need to do is log into both accounts at the same time, you must do this almost at the same time if your using 1 computer. Then go into a pvp world, make sure both accounts have 76,000 gp in coins in their inventory, and the one with the rune (t) plate wears it also, then go to a place where no one will be example: Buthrope games room or wildy volcano then kill the one with the platebody with the one u want to receive then u will have it

How do you go on as many club penguin accounts you want at the same time?

I wanted to know the same thing! But sadly, they'll never let u do it. I tried it so many times.

How too get RuneScape accounts?

You go to the main Runescape site (see "related links"), and click the button "Play now free". You should get the option to create your new account there. After the game loads, click on "Create account now" and follow the instructions.

Can a member of Runescape transfer his or her membership to someone else?

When their membership times out they will become "member" accounts. But any bonuses will not be credited to your account if you go to a free-player world.

How do you turn into a penguin after betting cold war on runescape?

You must rebuild the penguin suit the same way you built it the last time, then you must go talk to Larry in Ardougne zoo and click "tuxedo time"

Where can one go to get advice on obtaining free Runescape accounts?

A popular online only game, Runescape doe offer free game accounts to all its players. Advise on the application and other parts of the game can be found online at its website and forums as well as various fan sites that have been created. In terms of applications, the best site would be the official Runescape game website as it would have the most current requirements and clients.