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I assume you pressed the 'F1' key. To fix this, simply press 'F1' again while in the minecraft client and it should be fixed!

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It didn’t work for mine it just came up with lots of words and numbers across the screen as well as the hot bar and I don’t know how to get rid of the words and numbers πŸ™‚
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βˆ™ 3y ago
it didnt work
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naomi purves

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βˆ™ 3y ago
It never worked what do i doooooooooooo
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Julian Nicolas

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how do you do it in mac because mine looks like this

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Q: How do you getyour hotbar back in Minecraft?
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What is HUD in minecraft xbox?

the hotbar

What is the hotbar in Minecraft?

The hotbar is the 9 slots at the bottom of your screen or inventory. You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through the items you have on it.

What is the quick bar in minecraft?

The bar at the bottom of your screen during gameplay also known as the "Hotbar".

What is the minecraft thing called that you keep your weapons in?

If it is part of the HUD then it is called your "Hotbar" Good question though.

Why doesnt my quick bar show up in minecraft?

you probably hit f1, that makes your hotbar disappear

How do you look at a clock in Minecraft?

You just look at it while it is in your inventory, or hotbar. It shows if it is day or night, nothing more.

How do you craft in minecraft pocket edition?

tap the "..." on the farthest right of the hotbar at the bottom of the screen then tap "craft" on the top left corner of the screen

What do i do when i cant see my bar in minecraft?

If you press F1 on the keyboard, it will toggle whether the hotbar shows or not.

How do you select things on the quickbar in Minecraft?

By using the scroller on your mouse. Scrolling up makes the selector in your hotbar go up, and scrolling down makes it go left.

Is it safe to download hotbar toolbar?

No, Hotbar is adware. It displays annoying pop-ups and tracks your browsing habits.

How do you put down a clock in minecraft for xbox?

Clocks are not placable items, you put them in your inventory hotbar. All they show is whether it is day or night, for times when you are underground and can't see for yourself.

Is it legal for school to take away cell phones and charge to get it back?

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