How do you get zorua on platinum?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can't. Unless it's in another game and that guy can trade you one. I don't know if you can get it with AR. (action replay.)

Zorua and Zoruak are only available on Pokemon White and Black. For Zorua you would have to have gotten the Celebi event distributed up to March 6th and for Zoruak you would need the shiny legendary trio of tigers/lions whatever you would like to call them back in January and February. Zorua evolves into Zoruak at level 30 and it looks as if it is part of the ground egg type group as per Bulbapedia. If this is true they can be bred and traded. It shouldn't be too hard to get one by trade if Bulbapedia's info is true.

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Q: How do you get zorua on platinum?
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How do you catch zorua in platinum?

you can't catch a zorua in Pokemon platinum unless you hack.

How can you take zorua into Pokemon plarinum version?

Zorua is currently not available in any game and never will be available in Platinum, due to the fact that it was released after Platinum was programmed. You'll just have to get the next Pokemon game (Not HeartGold or SoulSilver, whatever comes after those most likely, not yet revealed) and it will likely contain Zorua. Also, you can't even trade Zorua to Platinum because again, it is not in Platinum's programming code, as well as the fact that it isn't available in any other game that has even been revealed!

How do you get zoura in second evolution in platinum?

Neither Zorua or Zoroark exist anywhere in the game

Can you get the Action Replay DS E2 code to get the special celebi in platinum to get zorua in your white?


Can you get zoroak in wi fi mystery gift?

no yo cannot get zorua/zoroak in diamond pearl and platinum

What Pokemon games do you get Zorua?

You can get it in Pokemon Black and White if you send a special Celebi from Pokemon Heartgold, Soulsilver, Pokemon Platinum, etc.

How do you get a Zorua in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Zorua can't be captured in any 4th generation game (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HearGold, SoulSilver), as it is a 5th generation Pokemon. To get Zorua in a 5th generation game, you have to have gotten Celebi from the Gamestop Event on one of the 4th generation game. Then use the Relocator in Castelia City (Password: Everyone Happy Simple Connection) While Celebi is in your party in Castelia City, Zorua is the boy on the first floor of the GameFreak building in Castelia City. Talk to the boy, and he turns into Zorua. Battle it, catch it, and you have a (legit) Zorua.

Can zorua mate with Ditto?

Yes, Zorua and Ditto will produce Zorua eggs.

Where do you find zorua?

You need event celebi by transfering from diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, or soulsilver using the Pokemon relocator you got from castelia city.

Can you get event Celebi on platinum and trade it to Pokemon white and still get zorua on white?

Absolutely. To get Zorua, you must get the event celebi on one of the Gen IV games (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heartgold/Soulsilver) and transfer it to black or white. I don't think the Celebi download will be available directly onto black or white (On the release date, they are replacing the celebi event with the Victini event).

How do you complete the zorua and zorark event?

For the Zorua Event you transfer Celebi from platinum/pearl/diamond/soulsilver or heart gold from the wifi event. Then you go to Castelia City and go to the boy who the woman was telling the story to him and he will transform into Zorua and you take it on from there. The Zorua will be a boy. ps, make sure you have pokeballs with you (any type) For the Zoroark Event do the same thing except you transfer Raikou/Entei or Suicune and go to the forest and a woman will show up and you will battle. Zoroark will be a girl.

Can you catch zorua in the wild?

No, you have to get Zorua through an event.