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you go to lost horn forest the gal in there is zoark

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Q: How do you get zorua in pokemon white without Celebi?
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How do you get zorua without Celebi or zorua in Pokemon white?

Its an event pokemon in castelia city;~]

How do you get a zorua on Pokemon White when the shiny Celebi doesn't work?

If the Shiny Celebi does not work, you cannot get a Zorua. On Pokemon White, this is the only way to get that species.

Do you have to have a Celebi to catch a zorua in Pokemon white?


Can you get zoura without cheats on Pokemon black and white?

Yes, you need the event celebi. You can trade a zorua by GTS

Can you get zorua in Pokemon white?

Zorua is available in both black and white. However, you will need to transfer the even celebi to your game to get it.

What Celebi do you use to get zorua on Pokemon white?

thar was an event that's where you get it

What is the Pokemon called in black and white that you need Celebi to find?


How do you get Zorua in Pokemon Black and White version and how do you get Celebi?

In order to get a Zorua, you must first have a special celebi that was given out. Then you must transfer it to Pokemon Black/White using the Pokemon Relocator. Have celebi first in your team and head to one of the buildings in Castelia City. Zorua is disguised, but is next to a female character on the bottom floor.

What other pokemoon can you get with Celebi Pokemon white?

Only Zorua in Castelia City.

How do you get zoroa in Pokemon white?

you have to trade celebi to your black or white game (P.S. it's zorua!)

What moves can zorua learn in Pokemon white?

i didn't hadded celebi with me so i couldn't get zorua but when you get the game of Pokemon black and white go to youtube and find away to catch zorua in castelia city

How do you catch zorua on Pokemon black vision without Celebi?

To get zorua without celebi you can either get zoroark with shiny entei, raikou, or suicune or you can bargain with someone over wi-fi