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Okay, You need to go to this link and it will bring you to Mistere's homepage z-note him.

This is the link.....

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Q: How do you get your zwinky account back if some one hacked it?
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How do you get your hacked zwinky back?

well You can just Tell the zwinky team about it!Here is the old fashion way instead of just following some CHEATS1. Go to your Email2. Click on the button to start sending an email3. Once you have done that Enter your birth and date4. Your secret question5. The Email you used to create your Zwinky6. But theres more but theres a youtube video that tells you how just type in how to get back hacked zwinky account.7. Click on the third video or the one that has the username superkool100 (ITS NOT MYNES I DO NOT OWN THE VIDEO)8. Well there you have itDONT GET MAD AT ME IF THIS DOESNT WORK IM JUSTTRYING TO HELP YOU!

Username and password of a Zwinky account that has a faceless female hottie no hackage?

OK so if you mean when you put your user name and password in then no no one will probably hack your account but if you go to a fashion show some people have a soft ware so you have to be careful if one day you cant get into your account email zwinky and tell them you think your account was hacked tell them your info like user name and your password but if you mean that you just got a zwinky account offline then go in your new account and change the password immediately and change the email address to yours and secret name

You got hacked can some one give you a runescape account?

If a player was hacked, then the account could be retrieved by using their recovery questions. Do not accept an account that has been will either get banned or lose the account to the true owner.

Your Gmail account is hacked how to restore it?

It is fairly easy, my email account was hacked and I was able to fix it back. click on can't access your account and type in your email (in the box) try to restore pass code. they will give you some security things and then ask you to write down your new password. easy right!

What should you do if someone hacked your Friendster account?

If some has hacked you, you should delete and make a new one but put a harder password!!

How do you hack your deleted account back on ROBLOX?

You can't. And if your account was deleted that means you must have done some pretty bad stuff several times unless you were hacked yourself and then got deleted.

My adventure quest worlds account is hacked The password and email has been changed so password recovery wont help me does anyone have some idea how I can get my account back?

tell me if you want a acc username:_pokemontnn___________ pssword:___pusspuss_ and there

Why is there a Zwinky category?

Because some people need help to find things out about zwinky or zwinky cuties.

How can you delete slide sHow is in orkut?

some one is hacked my account and taken my sisters photos, he is publishing in other orkut account and silde shows in his account, plz give me the solution

How do you get your account back if some one hacks it on Zwinky?

well...There are certain ways to get you're account back.But,I'm afriad you won't be able to get it back unless that account was logged in to your computer still.This is a better way to be able to get it back....Ok so first.You fill out this:Your Zwinky UsernameThe email address you provided during registrationThe answer to your secret questionYour first and last name which was provided during registrationYour date of birth provided at registrationThe Zip/postal code provided at registration.So this is why you probably shouldn't log out of your zwinky account just yet.It's in case you might not remember the information you required for the account.So you can just go to edit profile and see the information that's still on there.It will say the zipcode and everything.Unless if the hacker changed all that then you might be screwed but the only way you're going to get it back is if you remember all of that information.After you've filled it out and if they are able to get you're account back for you then they'll send you a new password to you're email and you have it back :] and if you don't know where to go to fill out that information,it's where it says on the zwinky homepage,you go all the way in the bottom and click on feedback so that's where you find it.

How do you get dogs on zwinky?

There are no dogs on zwinky, get a costume. There are no pets, but there are some costumes!!

Can you change your user on zwinky?

some one changed my ushername & password on zwinky