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I suppose it is rather complicated...I'm not sure where you are in the game so far, so I'll start from Mauville.

Leave from Mauville to the north, rock smash the boulders in your way, continue north, and turn left (not into the desert).

Go up stairs to a volcano. Ultimately, you'll want to go to the right where there are two of the gang members blocking an entrance. Go to the left in through the mountain (called Fiery Path).

Follow through there and you'll come out. Following the trail to the east and continuing as it turns north, you'll turn right again and through some ash-covered grass. Once you get through this route you'll end up in Fallarboar Town. Continuing on towards the west, you'll turn to the south, go along a bridge, and pick your way through a rocky path until you eventually reach a cave.

Going through the cave, there will be a little Scrabble between the Aquas and Magmas over a meteorite. Continue through the cave and you'll eventually exit.

Continue south down the path and you'll end up in Rustboro. Leave to the east and go through that ever so familiar route until the cave, which you can now pass through thanks to rock smash. You'll pop out in Verdanturf.

Go to the east and you reach Mauville again. Go north, rock smash, go to volcano, except this time you'll go to the right. You'll travel up a lift and be at the top of the volcano, where you'll fight some Magmas, including their leader.

Now you'll go down the volcano to the south and once you leave the Jagged Path, turn left and you're in Lavaridge!

The gym leader there is pretty good and can be tough to beat unless you have Water, Ground, or Rock pokemon.

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Q: How do you get your fourth badge in Pokemon emerald?
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